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Fogg's Journey

Market Share of Fogg
Market share of Fogg

Aur kya chal raha hai”?




“ Fogg Chal raha hai”.

Some of the famous catchy taglines of Fogg are “ Bina gas wala body spray”,

“ Kitna body me lagaya, kitna gas me udaya” & “800 sprays guaranteed”.

Need Identification:

➡️The deodorant segment was full of sexist "Metoo" brands.

➡️Nobody was talking about utility & quality.


➡️ Indians have a very common mindset of buying things that provide more quantity for less price.

➡️ Fogg understood the price-sensitive target audience & positioned the product with only liquid & no gas.

Market share capture:

➡️Fogg put their 800 sprays guaranteed instead of gas

➡️Fogg successfully communicated that other deodorants are gas cylinders & you should throw them while creating an image of leader product with "kya chal raha hai"

Fogg has a market share of 20% ahead of ITC Limited's Engage & Hindustan Unilever Limited. (Hul)'s Axe,

It was the most recalled brand among all 373 respondents during the India-West Indies cricket world cup 2019.

Vini Cosmetics a wholly-owned subsidiary of Paras Pharmaceuticals later bought by Reckitt Benckiser (RB)

Vini's revenues were Rs 930 Cr in FY19 and an estimated Rs 1100 Cr by FY20.

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