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How did Horlicks become the market leader?

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

The drink Brits go to bed with & Indians wake up with – Horlicks.

So powerful is their sonic branding that “Epang Opang Jhapang” immediately evokes fond memories of the 75-year-old malt-based drink touted to make kids ‘Taller.Stronger.Sharper’, which has built positive customer-based brand equity over decades with clever marketing campaigns like ‘emotional nutrition in exam season’.

While it has been successful in brand extension as a health supplement with ‘Horlicks Women’ & ‘Horlicks Junior’, products like Foodles & Nutri-bars failed to take-off because of clashing brand association.

However, it managed to retain its no.1 position in the Rs.5,500 Cr health beverages category in India, even if it ranks a distant 56th globally.

The empty Horlicks bottles used to store condiments in every kitchen stand as a testament to its brand recall, earning it a spot on Brand Equity’s Most Trusted Brands of Indians in 2019-20.

The move to HUL’s portfolio is expected to open a wider sales network & rural penetration for this brand which boasts of 50% market share.

Today, Horlicks is repositioning itself as an immunity booster for adults through an ad that elaborates its benefits of zinc & vitamins with a silent tribute to health workers.


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