Introduction to Digital Marketing

Introduction to Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing, in simple terms, is Marketing on Digital channels.In order, to be a good Digital Marketer, you need to be a good Marketer first.

On top of all the basic marketing principles, a Digital Marketer needs to understand when and what Digital Marketing tools to use.

In this section, we will talk about what these digital channels and tools are and how measurement and optimization is the centerpiece of the Digital Marketing Ecosystem.



The basic principle of Marketing communication is to find where your prospects are and then communicate with them on that platform.

for instance, Adidas will advertise on a Sports TV channel because that’s where its prospects are. Well, this TV channel is a traditional communication channel.

But we don’t just watch TV, we browse the internet as well which becomes a digital channel

The major digital channels and by extension digital marketing avenues are,

1. Email\SMS\Push Notification Marketing

2. Search Engine Marketing

3. Search Engine Optimization

4. Display Advertisement

5. Social Media Marketing

major digital channels

6. Content Marketing

7. Affiliate Marketing

Don’t worry!

Let’s untangle each

channel nice & slow.

Email\SMS\Push Notification Marketing

Email\SMS\Push Notification Marketing as the name suggests is sending Email, SMS, or Push notifications to your prospects and customers.

These channels are used not only to sell products and services or announce new products but also to build a one on one relationship with the customer. These are the channels where you can directly communicate with the customer.

Types of Campaigns: