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Rise of MOOC due to COVID19

The Corona pandemic has reinforced the idea of unlearning-relearning which has made the popularity of #MOOC courses go up significantly.

📈The industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 29% till 2025.

❓ But how big is the MOOC industry?

⏩ Market Valuation in 2019 – USD 5.16 billion

⏩ Market Valuation by 2025 – USD 21.14 billion

✔️ Of all the MOOC courses, xMOOC courses hold the maximum market share

Here, X emphasizes a traditional #learning approach with lectures, quizzes, & assignment.

Major xMOOC players- Coursera, Udemy, Udacity, edX

⏩ Total number of learners on these platforms crossed 100 Mn

⏩ Total number of universities associated crosses 900

❓ In the 3 months of March to May alone, the number of

What is assisting these companies in all of this?

💡 Automated coaching- Sending notifications in the form of pop-ups, leveraging on large data sets to build machine learning models, & up to 48% machine-assisted reviews of unstructured text (1.9 million+ copies), etc.

🏆 The results?

12% increase in the course completion rates already within 3 months.

With the MOOC industry rising from the dead, do you think the future of MOOC is brighter ☀️ from here?

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