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Rubik's cube - a fading phenomenon?

Rubik's cube
Rubik's cube

Could you fail if the product is known around the world by your brand?

Invented in 1974 by Erno Rubik, Rubik’s cube became a phenomenon in the late 70s. However, the global craze died down soon after.

As Rubik’s patent expired, the early 2000s saw an influx of Chinese brands in the market fueling a new wave of popularity for the puzzle.

Today, a 3X3 cube is just one of the 18 official World Cube Association events with tons of Non-WCA puzzles available. While Cubing rose, Rubik’s lost its popularity with World record-holders preferring Chinese brands. So what went wrong for Rubik’s?

Poor Quality

While its Chinese counterparts like DaYan, YJ, QiYi focused on creating quality products designed to achieve speed/control, Rubik’s sat comfortably leeching on its brand name.

Lack of Vision

For the longest time, Rubik’s ignored the Speedcubing community & focused on creating for the masses. It forgot that even Ford had to make a car for Le Mans.

Lack of Innovation

While others kept innovating, introducing the concept of lubing, tensioning & adding magnets, Rubik’s kept using its age-old turning mechanism.

Can you think of a similar brand?

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