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Tiktok's AR brand effect Ads

Heard about Immersive Ads?🎬

Tiktok Ad
Innovation in Advertising

#Advertising industry has forever battled with people’s attention span.

Over 40% of digital ads are viewed for less than 2 seconds⏱️.

This has forced advertisers to find interactive ways to deliver their message, for instance in 2018 #Adidas sold shoes👞 via a #Snapchat game.

The latest in the series of innovation in advertising is #TikTok’s AR Brand Effect ads coming in Q3 2020.

This ad format will allow users to add interactive visual effects🎭 from advertisers to their videos that interact with the physical environment around them.

This means that you don't just see an ad, you play🎮 with it.

60% of TikTok users are creators & have limited resources to play with.

In such a scenario, AR Ad elements like a car🚕, electronics item etc could become great props for their videos.

Research suggests that an interactive ad has 32% more memorability & has 3x higher conversion rates📊.

These AR ads if cost-efficient might just solve brand recall issues for many advertisers.

Although this ad format was first introduced by Snapchat with its Snapchat Lens📸, we believe that Tiktok with its 800Mn active users could bring AR out of the world of gimmick & into the world🌏 of real.

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