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Surf Excel "Daag Ghar Pe Rahenge"

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

"Daag Achhe Hain" is a slogan so famous and instantly recognizable that it came as a surprise when Surf Excel decided to change it for the lockdown period.

The new slogan #DaagGharPeRahenge emphasized the need to stay indoors while retaining the core message of the joy a parent feels when their kids have fun.

Pre-lockdown, Unilever had resources at their disposal to create endearing and professionally shot content, but now they had to be creative.

The solution they came up with included:

✓ Content about celebrity chefs & regular people doing activities with children

✓ Shot on hand-held devices by the actors themselves

✓ Posted on YouTube and Instagram

This was ingenious, as there was no spend on a camera crew. With the combined following of Surf Excel and the featured celebrities on social media, there were more than 2 million impressions.

The message stayed true to their brand positioning and also resonated with the parents who now had more time to interact with their children. Good Reach, Low Budget, Engagement & Proper positioning- these are the factors that make this a successful campaign.


Brands in Lockdown - here we take a look at some of the most creative campaigns that our favorite brands have come up with during the lockdown!

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