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Different Forms Of Cause Marketing & Its Example

Cause Marketing

Below are the types of Cause Marketing:


Rather than asking for a donation, businesses will ask if customers will volunteer their time to a certain organization.

Portion of Purchase

Businesses donate a portion of their sales to a nonprofit or cause.

Point of Sale Campaign

A donation requested at the POS by a corporation but made by the customer.

Transactional Campaign

A corporate donation triggered by a consumer action (e.g. sharing a message social media, making a purchase, etc.)

Buy One Give One

Business will donate a product with comparable value to a designated product based on each sale of that product.

Digital Engagement

Businesses create a "digital experience" using social media.

Pin Ups

Primarily for in-house use. Customers will donate and fill our their name on paper icon, which will then be hung up in the store.



Tata Cause Marketing

• This campaign took up social activism allowing the company to connect with issues such as voter registration, corruption and women’s rights.

• Before this campaign TATA Global accounts for 18.7% of market share and ranked number 2 after HUL (21.5% market share).

• Post this campaign launch they captured the number #1 position with 22% (currently at 19%) market share.

Lifebuoy “GONDAPPA”

Lifebuoy Cause Marketing

• Once a week, a volunteer visit homes to make the villagers aware of the need to wash their hands with soap.

• Overall diarrhea incidence reduced from 36% to 5%.

• The campaign has reached out to 180 Million people.

• Why? – Diarrhea alone killed 13% of children under the age of five and as per UNICEF, 31% of children have access to basic sanitation.

Coca Cola “5BY20”

Cocacola Cause Marketing

• Program to help 5 million female entrepreneurs — from fruit farmers and artisans to recyclers and retailers —become part of our value chain by 2020.

• 3.2 million women in 92 countries have started businesses as part of our 5by20 program.


Horlicks Cause Marketing

• The campaign will aim to address issues of malnutrition among the youth. Under the campaign, a contribution of Re 1 will be done towards the initiative from the sale of Horlicks in the state.

• 14% lift in sales, because of this campaign ( in West Bengal).


P&G Cause Marketing

• Provide children from underprivileged backgrounds access to holistic education. Focused efforts in three main areas - improving education infrastructure, empowering marginalized girls through education and improving learning outcomes.

• Launched in 2005, raised over Rs 22 Crore for the cause.

• Overall sales increased by 5 times.


Nestle Cause Marketing

• In partnership with Mumbai-based education reform non-profit Nanhi Kali in late 2016 in order to Educate the Girl Child in a long term project of the same name.


Gillette Cause Marketing

• Launched on January 13, 2019 with the digital release of a short film entitled We Believe: The Best Men Can Be, to address negative behavior among men, including bullying, sexism, sexual misconduct, and toxic masculinity.

• Amassed over 11 million views in just eight months.

Cause Marketing in the time of COVID 19

“We’re all in this together.” That is the message many companies are communicating to customers and the general public while the world grapples with the COVID-19 health crisis.

  • Cadbury’s – Donate Your Words, joined with Age UK to fight loneliness, especially in this COVID times.

Cadbury Cause Marketing
  • Burger King offers 2 free kids meals with any meal purchase during coronavirus crisis.

Burger King Cause Marketing
  • Facebook has offered $100 million cash + $100 million in advertising credits to publishers.

Facebook Cause Marketing

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