Different Forms Of Cause Marketing & Its Example

Cause Marketing

Below are the types of Cause Marketing:


Rather than asking for a donation, businesses will ask if customers will volunteer their time to a certain organization.

Portion of Purchase

Businesses donate a portion of their sales to a nonprofit or cause.

Point of Sale Campaign

A donation requested at the POS by a corporation but made by the customer.

Transactional Campaign

A corporate donation triggered by a consumer action (e.g. sharing a message social media, making a purchase, etc.)

Buy One Give One

Business will donate a product with comparable value to a designated product based on each sale of that product.

Digital Engagement

Businesses create a "digital experience" using social media.

Pin Ups

Primarily for in-house use. Customers will donate and fill our their name on paper icon, which will then be hung up in the store.



Tata Cause Marketing

• This campaign took up social activism allowing the company to connect with issues such as voter registration, corruption and women’s rights.

• Before this campaign TATA Global accounts for 18.7% of market share and ranked number 2 after HUL (21.5% market share).

• Post this campaign launch they captured the number #1 position with 22% (currently at 19%) market share.

Lifebuoy “GONDAPPA”

Lifebuoy Cause Marketing

• Once a week, a volunteer visit homes to make the villagers aware of the need to wash their hands with soap.

• Overall diarrhea incidence reduced from 36% to 5%.

• The campaign has reached out to 180 Million people.

• Why? – Diarrhea alone killed 13% of children under the age of five and as per UNICEF, 31% of children have access to basic sanitation.

Coca Cola “5BY20”

Cocacola Cause Marketing

• Program to help 5 million female entrepreneurs — from fruit farmers and artisans to recyclers and retailers —become part of our value chain by 2020.

• 3.2 million women in 92 countries have started businesses as part of our 5by20 program.