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ITC Classmate - How it achieved a 25% market share!

The year was 𝟮𝟬𝟬𝟯, ITC Limited faced the ultimate marketing challenge - building a new BRAND.

After setting up its Paperboards unit for packaging of cigarettes, ITC launched Classmate & become India's largest.

How did Classmate achieve a 25% market share in a majorly unorganized 16000 Cr stationery segment?

📚 Customization:

✅ Over 350 SKUs catering to the needs of students in various school boards like Pulse with 3D & changeable covers, selfie notebooks

✅ An innovative strategy for each demographic & tie-ups with likes of Disney & IPL

✅ Covers carrying trivia on popular themes helped in creating an association

📚 Differentiation:

ITC classmate campaign "First me"

✅ High emphasis on the brand proposition by relevant marketing to children, empowering them with their opinion

ITC classmate campaign "Signature"

✅ “Each child wants to be treated as unique” - the consumer insight that ITC turned into their brand philosophy, reinforced with “Be the first you” & Spell Bee event.

Examples of ITC classmate campaign

✅ Focus on relevant issues concerning students with “Be better than yourself”

ITC classmate campaign "Be better than yourself"

📚 Responsibility:

✅ Prominently displaying that they use ozone-treated paper which improves shelf life, & chlorine-free/recycled paper to engage the socially vocal GenZ

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