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Lifebouy - Shall we bring back Roti Campaign?

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Do you remember the Roti reminder campaign by #Lifebuoy which became a major hit at the #KumbhMela?

The Maha Kumbh, which is the largest religious festival on the planet invites over 100 MN people. Last Kumbh took place in 2013 and HUL’s Lifebuoy took advantage of the festival to remind people to wash their hands.

Idea💡: Where did they print this message, well the food itself! The roti is a staple item served with every Indian meal and is eaten with hands. Lifebuoy decided to create a special heat stamp with the message, ‘Did you wash your hands with Lifebuoy?’.

Execution👷: Hired 100 promoters, to stand in kitchens & instructed them to impression fresh Rotis with the Lifebuoy message. The campaign which lasted for 30 days managed to imprint the message on 2.5 million fresh Rotis.

Motive🧼: Make people aware of importance of handwashing before eating which prevents spread of germs.

Result📈: ✓With a total investment of $36,000 over 5 mn people were impacted with a #CAC less than 1%. ✓#BrandRecall up by 4% and the market share at 3 yr high. ✓Medi coverage gave 79mn #impressions & 1600 times ROI, the gross turnover of earned media was $59.3m.

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