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Story of Parle-G

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

A much-loved chai staple in India, the humble rectangular biscuit is something most Indians have grown up eating.

Parle-G, a name that instantly brings back childhood memories of dunking crisp biscuits in a hot cup of milk or tea.

In 1929, Mohanlal Chauhan bought an old factory in Vile Parle of confectionery in wake of Swadeshi Movement. Started with orange toffees, after 10 years started producing Glucose biscuits to oppose expensive British biscuits and has been a source of nutrition since then!

Parle became the world’s largest selling biscuit in 2003, gaining a 20% market share (5000 Cr). Key SKU was its Rs. 5 packet which makes 50% of Parle’s revenue. Did you know that we consume 16 million Parle-G biscuits every hour?

In 1982, Parle came up with the first TV commercial "Swad Bhare, Shakti Bhare, Parle-G" and endorsed Shaktiman. Commercials like “G Maane Genius”, “Hindustan ki Taakat”, “Roko Mat, Toko Mat" which have always been fun yet relatable made ParleG an undefeated king of branding & advertising, moving its image from a plain energy biscuit to a supplement for strength & creativity.

Recently Parle has come up with Platina range of products to enter the Premium biscuit market.

What's your Parle-G memory?


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