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Swiggy Yearly Food Appraisal

Gunjan “Can Big Data be beautiful? “ Swiggy “Hold my Beer 🍺 “ Idea 💡 Swiggy created customer appraisals out of buying behaviour of entire year's purchases. Why customers loved ♥️ it? ✅ Who won’t fall in love with their Food Dashboard ✅ Personalisation communicated in the most innovative manner KPI measured? ⏩ Savings done on Swiggy ⏩ Radar Map of cuisines & restaurants ⏩ Orders received Campaign's Success: 🏆 7% Click through Rate (CTR) against 2.5% industry standard 🏆 25% mail opening rate against 13% Industry standard

Download Swiggy Deck here:

Download PDF • 529KB
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