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Frequently Asked Questions
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What are the benefits of becoming a Marketing Weekly editor?

  1. You get to be a part of an amazing team of marketing enthusiasts with diverse backgrounds, and you are involved in building several new & exciting projects with their energy

  2. You’re exposed to the latest marketing buzz, which improves your knowledge and understanding of the domain

  3. You are associated with a fast-growing platform which gives you the chance to hone your skills & explore opportunities across several functions like collaborations, social media & leadership

  4. You are given the opportunity to showcase your learnings & talent to future employers in the form of a CV point

  5. You are continuously encouraged to work upon your strengths & weaknesses through internal sessions & feedback at every level.


How much time would an editor have to dedicate?

As a team member you’d be required to dedicate 5-6 hours a week, although this isn’t set in stone


Is there any monetary component?

No, there is no monetary compensation whatsoever in this. We actively involve all our team members in our success story and help them develop themselves through continuous feedback & exposure to marketing & branding knowledge


What are the basic expectations from an Editor?

We expect our editors to be as passionate about marketing & creating content as we are! Age & experience is not a criteria – we eagerly welcome creative thinkers & self-motivated people.


What is the SOP for an Editor to join our team?

We have a 2 step process to assess interest -

1. You could submit 1 piece to us, after studying the existing posts. The format would be the same, and this submission would help us understand your skills.

  • The topic would have to be fresh & innovative, and preferably something that hasn’t been covered on our page yet. If you want to repeat a topic, you must provide a different perspective to it & include completely different examples

  • The LinkedIn posts have a written post + PPT. The written post is of 1300 characters (200 words approx). The PPT could be around 5-6 slides giving pictures along with a brief description, in a 1:1 slide ratio

  • This submission would be assessed on these parameters – Research, in-depth analysis, logical flow, language clarity & comprehensiveness of the article

  • The PPT would be assessed on these parameters – Simplicity of design, effectiveness in conveying information in crisp & clear manner, depiction of content, logical flow of slides, usage of ample number of examples to support the topic

2. Once you've submitted, we can have a conversation with all the team members where we set the expectations and also understand where exactly you’d fit in. This helps us evaluate whether you could be a part of other teams, apart from content.


What will be the responsibilities for Instagram Creator?

You will be responsible for creating an end to end post from designing to content making to posting with caption and hashtags


Is there a specific number of slides that need to be created for a slide?

It depends on your post – it can be one-pager or multi pager (max 10)


How many posts do I have to create?

It depends on your efficiency! More the merrier! 
For Instagram, something around 2-5 posts per week.
For LinkedIn, one post every 15 days


If I apply for a spcific role, will I get a chance to have a go at other roles as well?

You are most welcome to do so if you can prioritize things accordingly!

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