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Advertising & Promotion Spending of FMCG Companies

Hindustan Unilever is a Juggernaut🚀 of Topline but not so much when it comes to efficient 🎯advertising.

We did research on some 16 popular companies in the FMCG segment & got some pretty interesting insights.

Below are our insight bullets:

Britannia Industries Limited knows how to spend Advertising & Promotion budget. It earns some 23.8 Rs. for every Rs. on advertising.

Nestlé, Patanjali Ayurved Limited, Dabur India Limited earn 14-17 Rs. Per Rs. on A&P is also above average 11.8 Rs.

NOTE ⚠️: Apart from advertising efficiency, few important factors such as Manufacturing efficiency, Distribution strength, Global raw material pricing play a final role in Revenue & Operational profit.

What's your favorite FMCG ad? 🎙️

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