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Baby Gaze Cueing - Things Brands don't want you to know

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

We have often seen pictures of babies👼🏻 – cute, startled, smiling, frowning – in old advertisements that had nothing to do with baby products 🍼

Cover image with cartoon baby's pic
Baby Gaze Cueing

Advertisers have known for decades that ads that include people are much more effective than those that do not.

However, images and videos that include babies tend to attract longer and more focused attention from potential customers.

This technique is called Baby Gaze cueing.

Gaze Cueing📝: “We automatically focus our orientation to the same object that others are looking at”

A study conducted on 106 subjects analyzed how people viewed baby ads with the help of eye-tracking technology to measure eye movements.

It was seen:

✅ When the infant looks face on, viewers were far more focused on the baby’s face to the detriment of focusing on the ad content.

✅ However, if the infant was directing its gaze at the product or text then the viewer was, in fact, focus on the advertising content.

🔎 As a result of such findings advertisers took on board that although baby faces are popular among consumers, they also make sure that the baby is looking at what they want the consumer to buy.

One of the important concepts in NeuroMarketing.

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