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Blue Ocean Strategy - An uncontested market space

Do you remember playing Nintendo or PlayStation during your childhood days?

Cover image of blue ocean strategy
Blue Ocean Strategy

In 2006 Nintendo implemented the Blue Ocean #Strategy in the form of the Nintendo Wii

It redefined the market boundaries by creating the best selling video game console ever.

Due to the value innovation, it could outsell even Sony’s PlayStation & Microsoft’s Xbox

Let’s take a look at some Indian brands that have emerged victorious in blue ocean strategy.

Tabular difference between red ocean strategy and blue ocean strategy
Red Ocean Strategy vs Blue Ocean Strategy

💡 Oyo- offered superior value at low price

💡 Nykka- First dedicated cosmetic selling Indian startup that has now emerged as a market leader.

💡 Reliance Jio- It took the unexpected route by betting on a new technology unlike competitors like Vodafone-Idea, Airtel.

Here are some international brands:

🌀 Tesla- First to bring in an electric car that outperformed the other fastest fuel-run cars.

🌀 Apple- With the launch of iTunes & i-pod, it revolutionized the way we listen to music and ruled the market for over a decade.

Pictorial examples of Red Ocean and Blue Ocean strategy
Examples of Red Ocean and Blue Ocean strategy

🌀 Amazon- Right from E-reading solutions, Cloud-based Computing to One Hour Delivery, it completely won the market.

🌀 Netflix- First provider of streaming online content and now a leader in this space.

Blue-ocean a legend NOW?

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