Brands in Lockdown

Brands coping with Lockdowns!

Holistic customer engagement has been a mainstay of many companies’ marketing strategies. In the Covid-19 era, companies that relied on an asset-light tech-only approach found it easy to maintain customer engagement when lockdowns were imposed, doubling down on social media to maintain engagement.

👨‍👨‍👧‍👦What about businesses like Museums and Stadiums? They historically relied on the physical presence of customers. When the lockdowns deprived these businesses of engaging customers on-site, they came up with new strategies to stay relevant.

🎭The Getty museum issued a simple challenge. Participants had to re-create their favorite art using just 3 everyday objects in their homes and upload them to social media.

Getty Museum issued a challenge
Met by patrons with an overwhelming response

⚽️Premier League and La Liga, the most-watched football leagues in the world allowed select viewers to video dial-in to games and signed a deal with EA to emulate crowd noises from the FIFA20 game.

EPL engages customers

🏀⚾️ The MLB and NBA followed suit with Atlanta Braves and Dallas Mavericks offering zoom backgrounds of their stadiums to fans at home.

Sporting outfits followed suit

💃🏻The strategy became so popular it was even replicated by the English National Ballet!

Replication of ideas

Drop us your thoughts on other ways brands are engaging customers.


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