Emotional Marketing- An Effective Strategy during COVID

COVID has brought about unprecedented changes in the global economy. Traditional business practices no longer hold weightage in the "new normal" COVIDIAN world, and new opportunities need to be explored to combat the difficulties organizations face in their operations and activities. Marketing endeavours need to be reconstructed from a “push” strategy to a more empathetic, mindful awareness of consumer needs. Rather than focusing on profit-earning opportunities only, brands must focus on the larger issues that affect society in the times of the COVID. Due to the pandemic, people worldwide are suffering from distress, anger, confusion, and sadness. Brands need to build positivity around their products/services, so that consumers feel a sense of warmth and optimism, to be associated with that parent brand. In fact, consumers would be more likely to purchase from a brand that they can emotionally relate to. If brands can seize this opportunity to