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Framing effect - The white lie of packaging?

Framing effect - the white lie of packaging
Framing Effect

💡 Did you notice nowadays many products are marked as:

70% Fat-free

80% Gluten Free

60 % Less Sugar

Many a time, these are smart marketing trick to make you buy.

Suppose you and your friend are fans of a biscuit brand A. One day you noticed that a 100 g pack contains 30 g Sugar, i.e. 30%.

As both of you are health conscious, you decide that you should consume a healthier biscuit with less sugar. Now if more people start demanding less sugar content biscuits, then Brand A would lose customers.

Brand A can do two major things now:

1. Do R&D and formulate a new product - It will require a lot of cash and time.


2. Launch a new variant of the same product with just new packaging.

Suppose the brand chose the second option.

It launches another version of the same product mentioning "70 % Sugar-free".

Now factually it is correct, remember it contained 30g of sugar in a 100g pack, i.e. 70% Sugar-free.

Hence the mention of "70 % Sugar-free" would appeal to you and your friend.

Brand A doesn't lose both of you as a customer just by changing how it frames the product description.

This Concept is called "Framing Effect."

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