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Get married at Taco Bell

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Do you know, you can get married at Taco Bell?

Get married at Taco Bell
Get married at Taco Bell

But, why would a QSR (quick serve restaurant) want its customers to get married at their premises?

The answer lies in social listening practice Taco Bell use to understand their customers.

They found that a large number of Newly Married couples visit Taco Bell to have their first post-marriage meal.

Isn’t it pretty insane for Taco Bell to have no boundaries?

On the contrary, this became a trend among a lot of couples. Looking at an inflow Taco Bell decided to enhance their experience and rent out their entire Las Vegas diner into a wedding hall.

With half an hour ceremony and a private reception area, Taco Bell Las Vegas holds the badge for providing once in a lifetime experience.

They also provide custom taco bell wedding merchandise and also a Taco Bell sauce packet bouquet that can be borrowed to walk down the aisle.

Since then there have been millions of tweets and mentions across the same topic. And a lot of couples hoarding to get their names registered and book the diner for their precious ceremony.

But the big question remains how CXX (Customer experience excellence) can blur privacy lines?

So, what next? Baby showers?

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