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Helping Brick & Mortar set up online stores

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Amazon, Facebook, Google, Reliance – when it comes to #local e-commerce, every digital giant wants a piece of the pie.

The Covid-19 crisis has spurred a revolution in e-tail, powered by millions of #kirana stores, local merchants, cycle & cart salesmen & even street hawkers. 85% of Indian #retailindustry is made up of such unorganised players, which presents a huge opportunity for those willing to go the extra mile in on-boarding even the smallest of ‘dukaans’.

his is particularly important in today’s world where shopping in a crowded market is no longer an option, but the customer wants the same experience within the safety of his home.

So what are the options available for a brick-and-mortar store to set up an online store & ensure that he is connected with his customers?

Download pdf here

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