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Indian Alternatives of 59 Chinese Apps

Invoking Section 69A of the IT Act, GoI issued a blanket ban on 59 #Chinese apps in a move that’ll further complicate the intense stand-off between the two neighbours.

📵While Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre quoted threats to privacy and data security in a call to block 52 of these apps earlier, this ban comes as one in a series of attacks to curb China’s ambitions of economic dominance via a digital Silk Route.

🚂DoT has restricted Chinese equipment from #Huawei & ZTE in the 4G upgradation of BSNL, Indian Railways terminated their Rs. 471 Cr contract with a Beijing firm citing poor progress & e-marketplaces are now highlighting “Country of Origin” to clearly distinguish Chinese products.

👨‍💻The debate around #DigitalColonisation has risen to new heights, as an official step is now being taken after the social backlash displayed through “Remove Chinese Apps” & #BoycottChina amidst the bloodbath at Ladakh.

🐲Although it is widely seen as a geopolitical statement & effectively a warning to the Red Dragon, the economic impact on our country is simply too large to be ignored.

🔎What remains to be seen is whether this’ll have the same fate as the Madras High Court Order to ban #TikTok last year that lasted only a few weeks.

Top 10 Chinese app & userbase

Utility Apps:

Ecommerce Apps:

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