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Type of Advertising

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Types of Advertisement

Companies can choose to conduct promotional activities in three ways

Promotional activities ATL, BTL, TTL

Reach the entire market as a whole to build brand awareness and inform masses about product


Combination of ATL and BTL, using mass advertising forming a customer database to focus on conversion


FMCG and personal care brands use ATL marketing techniques to increase brand recall and subconsciously influence the purchase.

How do we measure an ATL campaign?

• The reach of members watching the ad

• The frequency of views

• The number of impressions across various platforms

Companies use BTL activities in places such a Colleges, universities, societies. high foot-fall areas to target its prospects.

How do we measure a BTL campaign?

• Sales achieved at place of activity.

• New customer acquired at the site.

• Conversion rates on-site (at place of activity).

• Impression estimates via foot-falls.

• Open rate of email campaigns.

TTL can help brands use an integrated approach to advertise products to both mass & focused markets together.

Example of Vodafone

Vodafone ATL example

As part of ATL advertising, Vodafonebooks key places for hoardings of its upcoming initiatives.

For example hoardings at airports, High streets, City roads, etc.

Vodafone BTL Example

For BTL advertising, you will often see a booth of Vodafone inside the malls.

Example for TTL - Uber Booths outside airports/Ads

Uber TTL example

Uber TTL Example

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