Introduction to Brand

Introduction to Brand

What is Brand

What is Brand

In order to find a job, the first thing you do is build a CV.

What does the CV represent? It represents an image of you, a perception, a promise that will be fulfilled once you are hired.

This is your brand!!

Coca cola Brand

A brand is a perception that the customers have about your product or service. It is an emotional and psychological bonding between your customer and your brand.

A trademark is a brand name that is legally differentiated from all the other brands.

For Example, Coca Cola is a trademark.

There are two terms sometimes alternately used to talk about a brand: Brand image and brand experience. In marketing terms, they have two distinct meanings.

Brand Experience is the sum total of all contact points with the brand. For example Advertisements, Buying, Using, Longevity, etc.

Brand Image is a virtual construct of a brand inside the minds of the customer; it is the sum total of all the expectations that a customer has about the brand.

Brand Image

Amazon Brand

Different brand elements that make a brand:

  • Name

  • Logo

  • Theme

  • Shape

  • Graphics

  • Colour

  • sound

  • Movement

  • taste

  • Sme