Introduction to Brand Rivalry

Introduction to Brand Rivalry

What is Brand Rivalry?

It can be defined as the competition between brands offering a similar line of products to the same target audience at similar prices with the goal of increasing market share and overall revenue.

Brand Rivalry

Types of Rivalry

Win Potential Customers

To win potential customers

• The idea is to win new potential customers who haven't bought your or your competitors' products yet.

Win rival's Customers

To win rival’s customers

  • The idea is to win the rival's customers whilst preserving the brand’s original customers

Win Sales from shared customers

To win sales from shared customers

  • The idea is to win a large share of sales from customers that have subscribed to multiple providers

Famous brand rivalries

Visa vs Master Card

VISA vs Master Card

Ever since plastic money made its way into people's lives, these two financial service providers have been giving competition to each other head-on.