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Service marketing is marketing based on relationship and value.

It refers to the application of a special set of tactics or strategies to predict the

consumer’s need for an intangible product.

And hence, meet their requirements accordingly, to provide maximum value for them from their purchase.

Service marketing

Urban Company’s Saloon at Home is a great example of service Marketing

Service Marketing Triangle

It depicts the relationship between three essential elements of a service industry,i.e., company, employees, and consumers

Service marketing

Service Marketing

Examples of Service Marketing

Urban Company Home Salon

UrbanCompany started with Home Salon booking after the LockDown3.0 was over and 120000 people were waitlisted for the service

Urban home salon

Extensive use of PPEs to safeguard customer's wellbeing & communicate safety

Urban Home salon

Filling the Gap for male grooming space amidst lockdown

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