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LudoKing's overnight fame

Ludoking's overnight fame
Ludoking's overnight fame

Can you guess which is the most downloaded Indian app after Arogya Setu?


Created in Mumbai by Vishal Jaiswal’s Gametion Technologies, Ludoking became the first Indian App to cross 100 million downloads & clocking 51 million daily active users.

What’s the secret sauce behind its overnight fame?

Secret 1:

The language was no barrier for Ludoking which was available in 15 languages including 8 Indians.

Language along with prior familiarity of Ludo made adoption natural for all age group people across the country.

Secret 2:

Word-of-mouth marketing phenomenon via WhatsApp invite in a family Group made it viral

Universal Secret 3:

Covid19 boredom among house-locked folks made LudoKing a natural fallback option for entertainment

Do you know it has won the best mobile and tablet game in the Arcade/Casual International category at the 19th FICCI Frames Best Animated Films (BAF) awards?

It has also won the title of 'Best Casual Game of 2018' on Google Play Store

Will LudoKing sustain unlocked India?

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