Marketing for Plus Size

Marketing for Plus Size

While we’re looking at increasing #inclusivity & #diversity, there’s a segment in India that was neglected for a long time – #PlusSizeFashion. Today, even major #brands like Adidas & Target are waking up to the potential of body+ve, extended apparel sizing.

Body-positivity in sportswear

The Indian plus-size market consists of 12% of overall fashion market - worth over Rs.11,000 Cr & expected to grow 25% p.a, boosted by etailers like Revolution Plus Size & ASoS Curve.

Avg global BMI has increased by 3 points since 1975, doubling obesity rates & leading to over 46 Mn #customers looking for sizes 2XL-9XL in India alone.

This is why#marketing to this segment is tricky – a fine balance is to be achieved between sensitivity to user’s emotions & practical approach to sale.

Plus size models in the mainstream

aLL, a pioneer in Indian ‘plus-size’ #retail, has come up with interesting campaigns to reach this TG.

Using the right influencers
TVCs creating positive impact

Their first TVC ‘What’s your Plus Point’ focused on the various ‘+ve points’ of being plus-sized & #IamBetterCurvy uses influencers to discourage body-shaming.


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