Meme Marketing

Hundreds of thousands of memes are posted on the internet every day. And asking Marketers to leave them alone will be to ask a dog to straighten its tail.

Research suggests that 60% of the 3 billion people using social media are there for funny content. Another suggests that 84% of millennials ignore traditional ad formats/mediums.

Connecting these dots we realise why brands have started to include memes in their core marketing strategy.

It not only helps brands increase their brand exposure but also drives their marketing goals, be it familiarize the target group with the product or bring traction on site. And while traditional ads cost them a fortune, meme marketing is relatively inexpensive.

GUCCI came up with a campaign TFWGucci to promote its new series of watches, the memes used in this campaign became its most engaged post ever.

Brands like Netflix, Zomato often engage in meme-jacking and meme-wars which garners a lot of traction.

Netflix often comes up with memes based on shows it airs which triggers millennials FOMO & makes them binge-watch it. Even Marvel, before the release of Infinity War, fueled the creation of memes on Thanos to make the character popular amongst the non-comic book audience.

What is your favourite marketing meme?


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