Neuro Marketing


What if marketers could take a peek inside your brain, tinker with mental associations, & weaponize that data to make you buy?

They all want a piece of your mind, literally!

This Orwellian scene is not far in the future, with #Neuromarketing being used to measure physiological & neural signals in order to gain insight into customer’s preferences, thoughts & actions which can eventually help UX, UI & product design, & enhance the #advertising effect. Brain scanning methods like fMRI & EEG are used to understand brain activity & emotions evoked in response to particular elements. #Hyundai hooked up volunteers to EEG machines & asked them to examine a car prototype for an hour, picking insights on design changes from engagement of the primal/reptilian part of the brain. The US National Cancer institute used fMRI to deduce that the ad campaign causing specific areas of the brain to light up ended up giving highest results in terms of call metrics of a hotline displayed. Gaze-tracking, biometrics & facial coding are increasingly employed to understand the intimate details of human thought process, like heatmaps to understand where maximum attention lingered in an ad.

Heat maps & eye-tracking technology

Chips Ahoy & #FritoLays are performing such studies to improve packaging colors & textures.


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