Product placement: The art of subtleness

Product placement - The art of subtleness

Product #placement is a modern marketing #strategy for brands to reach their target audiences without using "traditional #advertising," which is often found in entertainment 📹

Why Product Placement is so important?

ℹ️Priceconomics stats support this reporting "that placements in television shows can 📈increase brand awareness by up to 20%, and NextMedium says that figure will 📈rise to 43% when placements are incorporated into" emotionally stimulating services”

What we missed or may not! - DELL

ℹ️According to Carat Media and Marketing Company, 74 per cent of Netflix users choose to end their subscriptions rather than watch conventional TV-style commercials. ✅This implies that this method connects well with consumers and will be used more in the future as this strategy makes consumers ‘feel’ and ‘care’ about something. Therefore, they are more likely to act upon these feelings and want to be involved with such products. ✅Few successful revivals of failed #products through product placement such as #CocaCola’s ‘New Coke’ and #Kellogg’s ‘Eggos’ waffles on #Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ series, valued at $15 million.

What we missed or may not! - Coca Cola

⁉️There is one more name to this strategy, write your answer in the comment and also an example of product placement that you still remember or has made you buy that product


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