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Reliance to acquire stock in Netmeds

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

#Reliance Industries are in talk to acquire majority stake in #Netmeds, an e-pharmacy, for $150 Million. Why this move matters? & where is Reliance Going?

Reliance Industries Limited spent close to $ 1 Billion dollar in recent acquisition of Tech companies + Startups. (Check table for details)

This acquisitions are green branches, still too young, touted to bring delicious fruits in returns. But question is again, what if these tender branches die? Answer: They won't. Reason is a very strong root of #Jio providing both nutrients (customer flow) & water (Funding).

Let us map acquired companies' synergy potential with current RIL's venture:

Netmeds' logistics will help JioMart while brand name can be used for future tel-medicine venture

Fynd & Grab will transform Reliance Retail & JioMart into major e-commerce player

Haptic, Reverei & Savaan will improve customer retention for Jio

Embibe & EasyGov will finally give RIL a chance to fight Byju/Vedantu in Edutech

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