Scarcity Marketing

Scarcity Marketing

Swift Dzire sells a lot more than its competitors. While many factors contribute to that, one is - a sense of making the right choice. Can’t go wrong with a product if millions are buying it, right? Psychological factors affect our buying decisions & brands try to manipulate them.

Let’s talk about one such tactic - Scarcity #Marketing. It has a lighter & a darker side. Lighter is when a business creates fictitious urgency by announcing limited stock. Darker is when cartels hoard and creates artificial scarcity.

Scarcity Marketing principle

So, what are some scarcity marketing tactics?

1. Limited stock availability (OYO’s listings)

Low stock notices

2. Season end sale

Purchase countdown by Ebay

3. N number of people on the page (NoBrokr)

Leverage real time activity

4. Limited Editions (Audi R8 Decennium is priced $40K higher than the regular R8)

Limited production

These tactics work as we think, Limited availability = exclusivity Limited editions = more valuable

Some of these are transactional as in limited availability never comes in the way of anyone’s buying desire. They seem to be always available.

Other times though, companies go great lengths to maintain exclusivity & ensure future success for instance, in 1980, Disney urged people to buy limited editions of their films before they went back into Disney Vault & didn’t make it available for years.


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