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Story of TikTok

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Story of world's biggest #Startup, $100 Billion valued #Bytedance, owner of #TikTok

Why #YoutTube / #Facebook is scared of ByteDance?

✓ ByteDance's Monthy active users (MAU) is close to 1.5 Bn who spend 346 mins daily on its app

✓ Leader of AI powered News & Content apps like #Toutiao (232 mn) & #DailyHunt (120 mn)

✓ Higher penetration than Facebook in India having 300 mn users across #TikTok, #Helo & #VigoVideo ✓ Insane growth in APAC & Russia. While traction in America & Europe is increasing rapidly

✓ As per estimation by entrackr, Bytedance is already profitable (That is unheard of start-ups lately) & clocking revenue close to $20 Billion

#TikTok success formula:

✓ Creator First: Older platforms like YouTube, Vimeo does not encourage content creation like TikTok

✓ Easy UX/UI: Users find it very simple to create new videos. That's why 57% of all TikTok user have created content at-least once

✓ Vernacular Way: ByteDance launched Helo with 14 Indian languages & worldwide TikTok is available in 39 languages. It made adaptability natural

✓ AI Powered predictive content suggestion which creates addiction

What do you think about TikTok? Will 0-Rating make it stop?

Download pdf here

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