Surrogate Marketing - Things Brands don’t want you to know!

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Did it ever cross your mind that why don’t we have ads that say “Desh ka No.1 Whiskey🥃” or “Have a break, have a Marlboro🚬”?

Well, it is illegal to do that & so, they resort to a clever run-around called Surrogate Marketing for promotion.

Where it all Begin?

During the mid-90s in Britain, housewives started protesting liquor ads, which provoked their husbands.

It led to the ban on liquor advertising & corporates started Surrogate Marketing. In 2018, Tobacco brands alone spent $9.06 Billion on Promotion (A&P) in the USA

Images of brands using Surrogate Advertising


1. Brand Extension:

Bagpiper Whiskey’s Communicating Product is Soda & Music CDs

Budweiser Streetwear Co. to make apparel and face masks in partnership with Myntra.

Examples of brand extension in surrogate marketing

2. Proxy commercials:

Imperial Blue “Men Will Be Men”

Vimal Paan Masala - “Daane daane mei Keshar ka swaad”

Examples of proxy commercials in surrogate marketing

3. Promotion through movies:

James Bond’s Vodka Martini “Shaken, Not Stirred”

Promotion through movies - Surrogate Marketing

4. Campaigns:

Whassup bud by Budweiser

Heineken’s “Connectioff” - pitfalls of social distancing during CoViD-19 pandemic

5. Organizing events & Sponsorship:

Manikchand Filmfare Awards


Examples of Campaigns and Events in Surrogate Marketing