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Surrogate Marketing - Things Brands don’t want you to know!

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Did it ever cross your mind that why don’t we have ads that say “Desh ka No.1 Whiskey🥃” or “Have a break, have a Marlboro🚬”?

Well, it is illegal to do that & so, they resort to a clever run-around called Surrogate Marketing for promotion.

Where it all Begin?

During the mid-90s in Britain, housewives started protesting liquor ads, which provoked their husbands.

It led to the ban on liquor advertising & corporates started Surrogate Marketing. In 2018, Tobacco brands alone spent $9.06 Billion on Promotion (A&P) in the USA

Images of brands using Surrogate Advertising


1. Brand Extension:

Bagpiper Whiskey’s Communicating Product is Soda & Music CDs

Budweiser Streetwear Co. to make apparel and face masks in partnership with Myntra.

Examples of brand extension in surrogate marketing

2. Proxy commercials:

Imperial Blue “Men Will Be Men”

Vimal Paan Masala - “Daane daane mei Keshar ka swaad”

Examples of proxy commercials in surrogate marketing

3. Promotion through movies:

James Bond’s Vodka Martini “Shaken, Not Stirred”

Promotion through movies - Surrogate Marketing

4. Campaigns:

Whassup bud by Budweiser

Heineken’s “Connectioff” - pitfalls of social distancing during CoViD-19 pandemic

5. Organizing events & Sponsorship:

Manikchand Filmfare Awards


Examples of Campaigns and Events in Surrogate Marketing

Example of how social media is used in surrogate marketing

What do you think about the effectiveness of Surrogate marketing?

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