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The Boom of Mobile games amid CoVid

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Unlike most industries, the gaming industry is thriving in the days of Covid19. A 39% increase in downloads & a 50% increase in daily avg. session (from 30mins to 45mins) globally makes the boon quite evident.


People are at home with lots of free time, a high population of mobile phones & an abundance of free games. 22 out of 25 top downloaded apps on Google play are free games.

Freemium Model:

Games have introduced freemium model wherein users are allowed to play for free up to a certain level & later compelled to pay for advanced levels.

Purchase unchanged:

The install-to-purchase rate is at 13.4%, up 67% from a year earlier, a general trend, & Covid-19 has little to no effect on in-app purchase made by the users because amateur gamers are not spending money. In-game ads are shown in the form of interactive ads, static banners etc. Also, in-game offer rewards such as virtual money that can be used in the game. Rise of downloads & time spent by gamers, ad revenue increased

Post-Covid19 Scenario:

It will be interesting to see how many newly acquired gamers will keep gaming when life resumes. We bet around less than 20%!What do you think?

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