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What will change for Uber because of Covid?

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Will #Uber, #Ola, #Lyft, #bounce, #vogo survive Covid19?

Shared Mobility is one of the fastest-growing business & investors have dumped over $23 billion in VC funding since 2010. Don't you all love the convenience of taking a cab from Ola to office & enjoy hiring an SUV from Zoomcar on your weekend trip.

🔮Taking Covid19 in the picture, what will change?

✓ Social distancing proof Cycling & pedestrian infrastructure will develop. (UK & Mexico has already announced $ 2 billion package)

✓ Car Pooling or shared cab won’t be welcomed.

✓ Bad hygiene condition of cab won’t be tolerated.

✓ Driver grooming/uniform will become a norm.

✓ Self-riding services such as zoomcar, drivezy, bounce, vogo will be preferred over Uber, Ola.

✓ Car-ownership will get a lift-off. “Access, not ownership” mindset may take a U-turn.

✓ Autonomous vehicle and auto-pilot will get preference.

Uber’s loss has increased to $ 2.9 Billion from $ 1.1 Billion Q-o-Q & story is similar for most shared economies. The sharing economy is expected to grow over $300 billion by 2025 considering the rising valuation & consumers.

Conclusion: It is high time to ✓re-forecast these numbers my dear friend.

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