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Where else have Jio's Investors put their money?

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Talk of the town? $65 Billion Jio’s recent stake selling spree to 6 high profile Private Equity firms.

We did some research about the portfolio of these investors to see where else they are putting their money, and here's what we think -

✔️We all know that Facebook is here to build its WeChat equivalent of a super app in India🇮🇳.

✔️Microsoft is planning to expand its Cloud & software business. Obviously can’t let India open to Amazon & Google onslaught.

✔️The investments of Silver Lake in Waymo, Twitter, Airbnb, Expedia & Ant financials are pretty impressive!

✔️KKR & Vista have quite an interesting portfolio in Lyft, CCD, TikTok, Marketo, etc.

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