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Will Dunzo survive the Swiggy/Zomato Juggernaut?

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

#Swiggy and hashtag#Zomato are reaching outside their core area of operation and have entered the grocery and general delivery segment. The companies have partnered with hashtag#Ninjacart and hashtag#Agrovet to offer hyperlocal delivery in over 15 cities via hashtag#Genie and over 80 cities via ZomatoMarket.

They are also in talks with state governments to facilitate sales of liquor through their platforms. Steadily, these aggregators are wading into Dunzo's area of speciality. However, the Google-backed startup continues to thrive in the face of competition, seeing a reduction in order per delivery losses from Rs 142 to Rs 30. A key issue it has addressed recently was lengthy task fulfilment times for fresh food products. The company has collaboratively worked with its partners to ensure a reduction in the number of stock-outs and addressed mismatches between high order frequency and low bandwidth outlets through its driver network.

Newsflash: The company also recently received a green signal to begin experimental operation of drones from the MoCA, a perfect solution for contactless delivery in this pandemic. Conclusion: Dunzo is here to fight. What if Dunzo moved onto Swiggy's turf?

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