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Tea Marketing

Have you ever heard "Tea" in an Indian Mythology?
Isn't it strange that a beverage that fuels every working-class Indian hardly mentioned in our Vedas or Mythology?

It is the outcome of intensive marketing over the years that has made India, one of the largest Tea consuming nations!


Soumik Pal Chowdhury

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IPL Analysis

According to Duff & Phelps, the brand value of IPL is whomping Rs 45,800 crores in 2020 though it took a 3.6% dip from the record Rs 47,500 crores brand value in 2019 due to the Corona Pandemic and delayed IPL in 2020 with no audience outside India.

Check where IPL stands compare to English Premier League, F1, etc.


Santosh Mishra


Hyperbolic Discounting

How about one more episode of Brooklyn 99 (or Lucifer?) on Netflix? one more plate of butter chicken? one more pint of Heineken? one more Marlboro?


These are the question we ask ourselves & knowingly end up making bad life choices.

Answer to these poor decision lies in understanding Hyperbolic Discounting


Gunjan Solanki

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