Presenting complex matters in simple Infographics

"A picture is better than a thousand words"

We explain complicated matters in easy to understand infographics.

Our Infographics are as enjoyable as they are Marketing and business knowledge packets

Understand what, when, how and why of brand activities

Are you as curious about brands as we are?

We never stop questioning what a brand does. We analyze, we dissect and we present it in the form of a story that is easy to consume. 

Learn Marketing concepts in a holistic manner

"Marketing is everything and everything is marketing"


But what is everything? 

Marketing is a vast ocean and different conceptual knowledge can be applied to different business problems.


We make learning marketing fun with real-life and latest examples and exciting stories. 

Marketing Weekly original publications

Books are so 18th century. Don't you think?

We know reading those small font fat books makes you sleep.

We create interactive Resources that are intended to solve real problems for you. 


Find out how the stalwarts think

To become a leader, you must understand what makes people leaders

Making Waves CXO Series is our podcast series where we talk with business leaders who have risen to the top with exceptional dedication and diligence.

Learn management lessons from the best.

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