How are Kirana store evolving amid CoVid?

Recall the satisfaction you felt when you watched Rocky lay Drago out, or when you saw the Karate Kid pummel the Cobra Kai.

For #kiranastores, that moment of reckoning (cue ‘epic music’) is here. Although the prospect of the pie shrinking in recent times is unnerving, with #Goldman estimating India’s economy to shrink by 45% in Q2, the #FMCG story points to a power shift from big #retail to kiranas.

While most malls continue to remain closed (sorry #BigBazaar), the govt. ensured that 20 lakh kiranas remained open, transforming them into ‘Suraksha Stores’.

A #McKinsey report reads that sales from kiranas during the lockdown grew by 39%. In addition, 29% of consumers have shown an intent to stick with kiranas & limit their future trips to big retail. Aside from #JioMart, #Amazon came up with its “Local Shops” program to enable kiranas to sell more online. #Google too is testing an O2O model to connect kiranas to customers.

“Traditional shops still provide a lot of advantages to the customer, that we in organized retail wouldn't be able to match anytime soon.”. Remains to be seen if these words by #KishoreBiyani were in fact a self-fulfilling prophecy for the demise of #BigRetail.