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SWOT Analysis - Strength, Weakness, Opportunities & Threats. SWOT Analysis of Hindustan Unilever HUL

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

SWOT Theory in simple pictorial form:

Swot analysis


Include things that your company or project does extremely well.

E.g., Key resources, capabilities, assets, partnerships, Brand attributes, people, strong leadership, etc.


Include things that your company is not doing well or needs improvements.

E.g., Shortage of skilled people, financial limitations, or lack of clearly defined USP.


Includes everything you could do to grow as a company.

E.g., Tapping other markets to improve sales, and using advanced technology for better results.


It includes things that pose a risk to the company. Anything which weakens the competitive position of the company.

E.g., Emerging competitors, financial risks, changes in regulatory law, etc.

2X2 Matrix of SWOT with 4 often overlooked variables:

•We have 2 axes here, on X-Axis we have Helpful & Harmful and on Y-Axis we have Internal and External.

•Most people overlook or forget about the Y-Axis. Do remember that Strengths & Weaknesses are Internal and Opportunities & Threats are External.

SWOT Analysis of Unilever:


• Extensive distribution network in Deep rural geographies.

• An Innovative FMCG company.

• High brand recall among consumers.

• Products with a presence in over 20+ consumer categories.

• Quality of Human Resources.


• A High number of portfolios makes it difficult to focus.

• Slow to pivot and less agile compared to startups.

• Portfolio of Oral care & deodorant segment losing market share.


• M&A to strengthen the brand.

• Increasing purchasing power of people thereby increasing demand.

• Rise of Internet economy via hyperlocals like BlinkIt, Zepto, Etc.

• Extraction from Modern Trade channels like Dmart, JioMart, etc.


• Competition from D2C (Direct to consumer) startups like BSC, The Man Company, Beardo, etc.

• Competition from new players like Patanjali & Joy.

• Private labels of Modern Trade such as Snac Atac from Jio, Tasty Treat from BigBazaar, etc.

• Market Saturation.

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