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Emotional Marketing - A Strategy To Connect With The Customer In A Humane Way

Emotional Marketing

Most customers' buying decisions are driven by emotions rather than logic, which makes emotional marketing important.

Emotional Marketing is a marketing strategy that uses basic emotions to elicit customer response. It tells a story that connects with the customers in a humane way. All the emotions are aligned with the brand's objective, vision, and mission.

Emotional marketing leads audience tends to notice, remember, and later buy. They reach more audiences through shares on social media and results into brand loyalty.

First impressions (which last only a few seconds) make the best impressions.

Emotional marketing can make great first impressions. If marketed wisely, the brand tends to stand out in the consumer's mind. Studies show that emotional marketing campaigns work twice as better as other marketing campaigns.

Emotions are primarily divided into four broader groups, namely anger, sorrow, happiness, and surprise/fear.


Happiness : Positive emotions like Happiness increase engagement.

Android's "Friends Forever" showing pairs of different animals together in Harmony.

This ad automatically brings a smile.

Sorrow : Sad news spreads faster and creates awareness among people.

WWF created an awareness campaign on how human actions lead to animal cruelty. How animals have been mistreated, and human interferences are affecting their habitat.

Anger : Negative sentiment like anger can have an immediate impact and can change the audience's perspective. Earlier, the phrase "Like a Girl" was mostly used in a belittling way.

P&G’s Always brand launched “LikeAGirl” Campaign. Through this campaign, the positive sentiment of Women empowerment was portrayed which attracted women all over the world.

Fear : Through fear, there will be a sense of urgency, and the audience will start acting immediately. Ads like Smoking is injurious to health and can cause lung cancer elicit fear.

Here are a few things that work well with Emotional marketing.

Colour psychology plays a huge role. A movement towards a good cause – One example is "One day without shoes" campaign started by TOMS.

Creating Viral campaigns – Dollar Shave club took an everyday problem and the advertisement (our blades are f*cking great) became viral overnight Building a community through word of mouth

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