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Framing Effect - Things Brand Don't Want You To Know

Framing Effect

What is Framing Effect?

Framing effect is a cognitive bias in which the brain makes decisions based on the way of information is presented to it. Marketers make use of this effect to influence the purchase decisions of their audience.

Dairy Milk framing effect

Ever entered a store looking for a sugary snack and ended up buying a chocolate that

claimed to have ‘30% less sugar’ ?

Congratulations! You have been a prey to the Framing Effect!

Frame 1 : Gain

The Gain frame highlights all the potential benefits that a customer can get while using a particular product.

Mcdonald framing effect

Frame 2 : Loss

The Loss frame such as scarcity or Fear of Missing Out prompts the customers to purchase a brand’s products.

Loss Frame Effect

Frame 3 : Statistics

A statistical frame can support your brand’s argument in the most convincing manner and builds customer trust.

Sensodyne Framing effect

Frame 4: Emotions

An emotional frame is used by the brands to stress upon the importance of how their product can make its customers feel differently.

Redbull ad

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