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ClockedIn - LinkedIn for Gig economy

ClockedIn - LinkedIn for Gig economy

#ClockedIN, a wannabe #LinkedIn for Gig economy (Daily wagers👷) is all set to improve life of workers & employers by providing a marketplace ecosystem for hiring🗯️

Clockedin claims to have an uber-like hiring system where employers can book workers & workers can apply for openings.

This concept in its mature stage opens wide possibilities. To name few:

✓ Rating system⭐⭐⭐ will become an invisible hand governing behaviour of employees & employers

✓ LinkedIn🤝 like connection system will make referral & back-check seamless

✓ Instant hiring⏳ improves restaurant (any retail establishments) efficiency

✓ Openness💲 of wage helps worker select the best option

✓ Data analytics📊 of worker availability helps companies to plan their expansion projects

✓ Peer learning👨‍🎓 activities will lead to skill enhancement

Being backed by Google, KAIROS & Mastercard, ClockedIN looks pretty well funded currently.

An Idea 💡

For Indian companies such as or TimesJobs , it's a great time to launch a new product as #unemployment rate is touching 26%

An Advice🗯️

Hope it won't get overcrowded with agents & fake postings.

What's your take on it? 🎤

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