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Planogram: The art of shelf-planning

Ever wondered why candies🍭 are kept near cash-counter?

It evokes impulsive buying not because customer wants it but because of how it is presented to them.

📝This technique called #planogram is an art of shelf-planning that maximizes a customers’ purchases.

The presentation of product in the store is as pivotal as the availability of a product.


🌀Product Sequencing: Highlighted products kept on left. Studies have proven that shoppers scan from left to right most of the time

🌀Joint Family "Anokha Parivaar": Children(products) of parent#brandd) stay together. Relatives(SKUs) though don’t like each other wish to remain close.

🌀Belt-to-Eye level: Eye-level is buying level. High profit items are kept in this region which catches shopper’s attention quickly

New arrivals always kept at eye-level.

🌀Vertical planogram:Related products of different brands placed at different shelf levels according to their size: bigger at higher level to smaller at lower

🌀Horizontal planogram:Products are placed horizontally on side by side shelves at same eye level. Customers can know about similar items from different brands.

🌀Shop Layout: #IKEA’s store is designed like a maze so that shoppers spend max time in store

Share your story of planogram?

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