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Why buying Chinese company phones won’t stop? - AMAZON home page decoded

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Amazon home page decoded in mobile category
Amazon home page decoded - Mobile brands

Why #boycottchina will never materialize for smartphones?

Check below, Amazon India Mobile homepage decoded.

Observation: Not a single Indian Brand seen

Few Notable Points:

🌀 First Page gets 95% Chinese company phone visibility

🌀 Samsung Electronics is the only non-Chinese company getting offer section slot

Amazon home page decoded - Mobile brands vs country
Amazon home page decoded - Mobile brands

🌀 BBK group of companies such as OPPO,

Vivo, OnePlus & Realme have the highest space on the page

🌀 Indian brands such as Micromax Informatics Ltd, Lava International Limited & Intex Technologies (India) Ltd.are nowhere seen.

🌀 Even Apple has a meagre 1-2 mention in the entire section

What's your take on the Chinese Occupation of Indian Smartphone market?

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